Texts: Amercian West


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Welch, James. Fool's Crow

Nash, Roderick. Wilderness and the American Mind

Snyder, Gary. The Practice of the Wild

Krakauer, Jon. Into the Wild

Bird, Isabella. A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains

Macfarlane, Robert. Wild Places

Goodan, Kevin. Upper Level Disturbances


Readings from some of the following will be distributed in class:

Abbey, Edward, Desert Solitaire
Abbey, Edward, The Journey Home
Albert, Susan Wittig, Susan Hanson, Jan Epton Seale and Paula Stallings Yost, What Wildness Is This: Women Write about the Southwest 
Auker, Amy Hale, Rightful Place, Winter of Beauty
Austin, Mary, Land of Little Rain
Austin, Mary, Lost Borders
Baptiste, Mary Beth, Altitude Adjustment
Barnes, Kim, Into the Wilderness
Bass, Rick, The Ninemile Wolves (and other books)
Bird, Isabella, A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains
Blew, Mary, All But the Waltz
Bringhurst, Robert, Selected Poems
Byl, Christine, Dirt Work
Calabro, Marian, The Perilous Journey of the Donner Party
Cather, Willa, O Pioneers!
Dillard, Annie, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek (Set in Virginal, so not western, but about wilderness)
Doerr, Anthony, The Snake Handler (and other books)
Dolezal, Joshua, "Selway By Headlamp" in Down from the Mountaintop: From Belief to Belonging
Duncan, David James, My Story As Told By Water
Duncan, David James, The River Why
Enger, Lief, Peace Like a River
Erlich, Gretel, The Solace of Open Spaces
Gilfillan, Merrill, Chokecherry Places: Essays From the High Plains
Gilfillan, Merrill, Magpie Rising: Sketches From the Great Plains
Gilfillan, Merrill, Red Mavis
Gill, Charlotte, Eating Dirt
Gloss, Molly, Falling From Horses, A Novel
Gloss, Molly, The Hearts Of Horses
Gloss, Molly, The Jump-off Creek
Gloss, Molly, Wild Life
Hagy, Alison, Ghosts of Wyoming
Haines, John, The Stars, the Snow the Fire
Hillman, Brenda, Cascadia (and other books)
Houston, Pam,“On (Not) Climbing the Grand Teton,” in A Little More About Me (and other books)
Irwin, Bill and Dave McCasland, Blind Courage
Jaeger, Lowell, New Poets of the American West
Kantner, Seth, Ordinary Wolves
Kitterage, William, "Blue Stone" in Ploughshares 1983
Kitterage, William, "The Vineland Lullaby" in Ploughshares 1975
Kline, Christina Baker, Orphan Train*
Krakauer, John, Into the Wild
Lee, Katie, Grand Canyon
Leopold, Aldo, A Sand County Almanac
Lesley, Craig, Riversong
Lesley, Craig, Winterkill
Lopez, Barry and Debra Gwartney, Home Ground: A Guide to the American Landscape
Lopez, Barry Holstun and John Baugess, Of Wolves and Men
Lopez, Barry, Arctic Dreams
Lopez, Barry, Crossing Open Ground
Macfarlane, Robert, The Old Ways
Maclean, Norman, A River Runs Through It
Maclean, Norman, Young Men and Fire
Matthiessen, Peter, The Snow Leopard
McCarthy, Cormac, All The Pretty Horses
McCarthy, Cormac, Blood Meridian: Or the Evening Redness in the West
McPhee, John, Coming into the Country
Meloy, Ellen, Eating Stone: Imagination and the Loss of the Wild
Meloy, Ellen, The Anthropology of Turquoise: Reflections on Desert, Sea, Stone, and Sky
Meloy, Ellen, The Last Cheater's Waltz: Beauty and Violence in the Desert Southwest
Muir, John, My First Summer in the Sierra
Muir, John, Nature Writing
Muir, John, The Yosemite
Nabhan, Gary Paul, The Desert Smells Like Rain
Nash, Roderick Frazier, Wilderness and the American Mind
Ortiz, Simon, From Sand Creek
Ortiz, Simon, Speaking for the Generations
Perillo, Lucia, I’ve Heard the Vultures Sing
Pinchot, Gifford, Breaking New Ground, “Bitterroot Journal”
Pinchot, Gifford, The Fight for Conservation*
Pratt, Alice Day and Molly Gloss, A Homesteader's Portfolio
Proulx, Annie, “Brokeback Mountain”
Raban, Jonathan, Granta 102: The New Nature Writing
Raban, Jonathan, “Second Nature: The Delandscaping of the American West"
Reichardt, Kelly, Meek’s Cutoff
Roosevelt, Theodore, (Author), Paul D. Schullery (Editor, Introduction), Wilderness Writings
Ross, Tracy, The Source of All Things 
Rowland, Russell, In Open Spaces
Sikeliano, Eleni, The California Poem
Slonit, Rebecca, Savage Dreams
Solnit, Rebecca, “Art of Arrival” in Orion Magazine (and other books)
Spagna, Ana Maria, Potluck: Community on the Edge of Wilderness
Steinbeck, John, The Grapes of Wrath
Stegner, Wallace, Angle of Repose
Stegner, Wallace, The Big Rock Candy Mountain
Stewart, Elinore Pruitt, Letters of a Woman Homesteader
Stewart, Frank, ed. and Trevor Carolan, Cascadia: The Life and Breath of the World
Strayed, Cheryl, Wild
Tapahanso, Lucy, A Breeze Swept Through
Tapahanso, Lucy, Blue Horses Rush In
Thoreau, Henry David, Walden* (Set in Massachusetts, so not western, but about wilderness)
Tonino, Leath, “Not On Any Map: Jack Turner On Our Lost Intimacy With the Natural World,” The Sun, August 2014
Tweit, Susan, Walking Nature Home
Walls, Jeannette, Half Broke Horses
Watkins, Claire Vaye, Battleborn
White, Evelyn, “A Black Woman in the Wilderness”
Williams, Terry Tempest, Red: Passion and Patience in the Desert
Williams, Terry Tempest, Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Place
Zaccardi, Joseph, Mountains & In Between
Zaccardi, Joseph, Render
Zaccardi, Joseph, Rose Black, Calvin Ahlgren and Ella Eytan, The Inspiration of Horses
Zwinger, Susan, Women in Wilderness



Buck Brannaman Documentary http://buckthefilm.com/

DamNation http://damnationfilm.com/

National Parks: America’s Best Idea (Ken Burns) http://www.pbs.org/nationalparks/

The West (Ken Burns) http://www.pbs.org/weta/thewest/program/

Visions of the Wilderness, Conservation Film by the USDA. Public Domain. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fZlUktDbZ4


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